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Protocol – Preparing Liquid Culture of E. coli for Plasmid Miniprep

Small-scale plasmid isolation, called plasmid miniprep, requires a small amount of bacterial culture. Normally, a 2 – 5 ml culture provides sufficient cells that can be processed for plasmid isolation using the miniprep protocol. Culture can be prepared by inoculating 3 ml antibiotic-containing growth medium with a single colony and growing it overnight at 37C with shaking.
Here we have taken an example of preparing liquid culture from a colony of E. coli DH5α, transformed with the pEGFP plasmid. The pEGFP plasmid contains a kanamycin resistance gene, therefore, requires kanamycin for the selection of plasmid-containing bacteria. If your plasmid carries another antibiotic-resistant gene, add the respective antibiotic to the culture medium.