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Molarity of 98% (w/w) Ethanolamine (ETA)

Molarity of 98% (w/w) Ethanolamine (ETA)

The molarity of 98% (w/w) Ethanolamine (ETA) is 16.237 M. A 98% (w/w) Ethanolamine is a clear colorless solution. It…

Molarity of 30% (w/w) Hydrochloric acid (HCl)

Molarity of 30% (w/w) Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)

The molarity of 30% (w/w) Hydrochloric Acid is 9.46 M. OVERVIEW A 30% (w/w) Hydrochloric Acid is a clear colorless…

Molarity of 25% (w/w) Hydrochloric acid (HCl)

Molarity of 25% (w/w) Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)

The molarity of 25% (w/w) hydrochloric acid is 7.68 M. The 25% (w/w) hydrochloric acid contains 25g of HCl per 100g of solution. Since molarity is the number of moles of a substance present in a liter of solution, one must first calculate how much HCl is present in 1L of 25% hydrochloric acid solution. Once we know the amount of HCl present in 1L of solution, we can calculate the molarity of the solution by dividing the HCl amount by the HCl molecular weight.

Preparation of 10 M Sodium Hydroxide from 50% (w/w) Stock Solution

OVERVIEW A 50% (w/w) Sodium Hydroxide can be purchased from several commercial suppliers. It is a clear colorless liquid and…

Preparation of 1L of 1M Hydrochloric acid solution from concentrated 37% hydrochloric acid

Preparation of 1M Hydrochloric Acid From Concentrated Stock Solution (37%, w/w)

A 37% (w/w) hydrochloric acid can be purchased from several suppliers. It is a clear colorless liquid and can be diluted to prepare solutions of known concentrations. Remember that the molarity of hydrochloric acid is equal to the normality of the solution, which means 1M solution is also a 1N solution. Here we describe a procedure to prepare 1M hydrochloric acid solution by diluting a 37% (w/w) concentrated hydrochloric acid solution.