Ampicillin vs Carbenicillin

Semi-syntheticYesYesBoth antibiotics are Semi-synthetic derivatives of penicillin
Antibiotic classβ-lactamβ-lactamBoth antibiotics cantain β-lactam ring
broad-spectrumYesYesActive against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
Mode of resistance in bacteriabeta-lactamasesbeta-lactamasesCarbenicillin is less sensitive than penicillin
Stability (heat and acid)Lass stableMore stable 
Selection of bacterial cells harbouring ampicillin resistance gene (beta-lactamases)EffectiveEffectiveCarbenicillin is more effective than ampicillin as it is more stable
Satellite coloniesFrequentLess frequentCarbenicillin is more stable than ampicillin
CostLessmoreCarbenicillin is 2 – 4 times costlier than ampicillin

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