CDK1-Cyclin B1 Complex

  • The Cdk1-cyclin B1 kinase triggers mitosis in most eukaryotes.  
  • The complex between Cdk1-cyclin B1 functions as a kinase (serine-threonine kinase) where cyclin B1 is a regulatory subunit and Cdk1 is a catalytic subunit. It represents the classical M-phase promoting factor. 
  • Cdk1-cyclin B1 complex has been shown to be involved in cell cycle progression during M-phase. Its role in mitotic entry, progression, and mitotic exit is well established.  
  • Cdk1-cyclin B1 kinase activity is tightly regulated and is rapidly inactivated under situations of genomic damage and other conditions.  
  • After activation, cyclin B1- Cdk1 complex drive mitosis progression by phosphorylating many substrates which ultimately leads to many changes including cell rounding, nuclear envelope breakdown, chromosome condensation, centrosome splitting, and mitotic spindle formation.  
  • Substrates of cyclin B1-Cdk1 complex are localized in both cytoplasm and nucleus. They are :   
    • Components of the cytoskeleton microtubule  
    • Intermediate filament networks
    • Golgi apparatus
    • Nucleolus
    • Nuclear pore complexes
    • Nuclear lamins
    • Anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome  

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