Cell Line : C6

OrganismRat (Rattus norvegicus)
Source/TissueN-nitrosomethylurea-induced glioma in brain
Cell typeGlial cell
Growth modeAdherent, monolayer
Doubling time

35 – 41 h (Benda et al., 1968)
25 – 30 h (dsmz)

Life spanInfinite, continuous culture
KaryotypeRat hyperdiploid karyotype with 4% polyploidy (dsmz)
TransformedYes, N-nitrosomethylurea
Drug resistance?
Biosafety Level1 (ATCC, dsmz) (May differ in your country, follow the guidelines of your institute/country)
Gene Expression 

3D cell culture 
High-throughput screening
Suitable transfection host

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Cell line isolation information

The cell line C6 was established from rat glial tumor induced by N-nitrosomethylurea. (Benda et al., 1968)

Recommended propagation method

Culture medium: 82.5% Ham’s F12 + 15% horse serum + 2.5% h.i. FBS + 2 mM L-glutamine (dsmz)
Culture conditions: Humidified incubator, 95% air + 5% CO2, 37°C.
Split ratio:
Split frequency:
Harvesting time:
Split Method: Trypsin/EDTA

Recommended Cryopreservation Method

Freeze medium: 70% complete culture medium + 20% FBS * + 10% DMSO (dsmz)
* One can increase the percentage of FBS upto 50%. 

Storage temperature: Liquid nitrogen vapor phase REF

Cell density:


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  • Benda et al., 1968. Differentiated rat glial cell strain in tissue culture. Science. 161(3839), 370-271.  PMID-4873531; Full Text Link: Science, booksc

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