ExpSup: Cyclin D1 is Expressed in Adult Mouse Brain Cortex

Note: The following studies have analyzed cyclin D1 expression in the adult mouse brain using immunohistochemistry (IHC). For more details and accuracy, please read the recommended references carefully.

  • Koeller and coworkers analyzed cyclin D1 expression in adult mouse brains. They observed widespread expression of cyclin D1 in the cortex. They found mostly nuclear staining in cells, suggesting that cyclin D1 is predominantly present in the nucleus (Koeller et al., 2008).
    • Experiment details:
      • Organism: Mus musculus, C57BL/6J
      • Method: Immunohistochemistry
      • Organ: Brain
      • Tissue section: 10 µm paraffin section
      • Anti-cyclin D1 antibody: 1:500 dilution, Rabbit Monoclonal, LabVision #RM9104
      • Staining pattern: most cortical regions, more intense in rostral than in caudal neocortex, all layers of the motor cortex, large Betz cells in layer V–VI, basolateral amygdala
      • Subcellular localization: Predominantly nuclear (most cyclin D1 in the nucleus)


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