ExpSup: Cyclin D1 is Expressed in Adult Mouse Brain Hippocampus

Note: The following studies have analyzed cyclin D1 expression in the adult mouse brain using immunohistochemistry (IHC). For more details and accuracy, please read the recommended references carefully.

  • Koeller and coworkers analyzed cyclin D1 expression in adult mouse brains. They observed cells stained with anti-cyclin D1 antibodies in Hippocampus of the adult mouse brain (Koeller et al., 2008).
    • Experiment details:
      • Organism: Mus musculus, C57BL/6J
      • Method: Immunohistochemistry
      • Organ: Brain
      • Tissue section: 10 µm paraffin section
      • Anti-cyclin D1 antibody: 1:500 dilution, Rabbit Monoclonal, LabVision #RM9104
      • Staining pattern in Hippocampus: cornus ammonus 1 field, sparse in cornus ammonus 3, stratum granulosum in the dentate gyrus
      • Subcellular localization: ?


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