ExpSup: Fasting Suppresses Cyclin D1 Expression in Liver

The following studies have analyzed cyclin D1 expression in the liver of fasted mice. For more details and accuracy, please read the recommended references carefully.

  • Bhalla and coworkers analyzed the microarray data set of livers from fasted mice. They showed that cyclin D1 expression decreases in fasted mice with time (Bhalla et al., 2014). 
    • Experimental details:
      • Microarray data set generated by Hakvoort and coworkers (Hakvoort et al., 2011)
      • Mice: 6-week-old male FVB mice
      • Timepoints: 0h, 24h and 48h
  • Bhalla and coworkers analyzed cyclin D1 expression in the liver of fed and fasted mice and showed that overnight fasting reduces cyclin D1 transcripts (Bhalla et al., 2014).
    • Experimental details:
      •  Mice: 8- to 12-week-old C57Bl/6J mice
      • Method: RT-PCR
      • Timepoint: overnight


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