Glioma Stem Cell (GSC)

Glioma stem cells are a specific type of glioma cell population in glioma tumors that have neural stem cell-like features. These cells closely mimic the genotype, gene expression profile, and biology of their parental primary tumors (Lee et al., 2006).


  • Ability to Self-renewal
  • Expression of neural stem cell markers
  • Resistance to radiation

Niche for glioma stem cells:
Glioma stem cells require a special environment that helps GSC to maintain its stem cell-like properties. Such an environment is provided by Niche, a specific region where GSCs are likely to reside.
A perivascular niche has been described for Glioma stem cells (Calabrese et al., 2007).

GBM recurrence is linked to GSC by many reports.


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