How To Choose Appropriate Cell Line For Research?

The cell line is one of the very useful tools to use in research to find the answer to your questions or solution for a particular task or application. Choosing an appropriate cell line for a particular research project or application can be a challenging task. Here we list very basic criteria to select a cell line for your research project. 

  • Well-characterized cell line: easy to interpret results and draw a conclusion
  • Scientific literature search
  • Ease of experiment
  • Available resources
  • Cell line properties: Cell type, fast and slow-growing, expression of a gene of interest, genomic abnormalities and mutations, origin – cancer type/somatic tissue type 
  • Research topic
  • Analysis of particular gene: Well characterize in terms of gene expression
  • Gene expression analysis which involves overexpression of a gene: Transfection protocols and easy to transfect cell line
  • Applications: Protein expression and purification, drug screening, applications in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Culture medium – serum-supplements or serum-free medium

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