List of Naturally Occurring Plasmids in  Escherichia coli

  • pEC156
  • ColE1
  • pCoo


  • Werbowy & Kaczorowski, 2016. Plasmid pEC156, a Naturally Occurring Escherichia coli Genetic Element That Carries Genes of the EcoVIII Restriction-Modification System, Is Mobilizable among Enterobacteria. PLoS One, 11(2), e0148355. PMID-/26848973; Full-Text Links: PLoS One, PMC
  • Yao et al., 2007. Localization of the naturally occurring plasmid ColE1 at the cell pole. J Bacteriol. 189(5), 1946-53. PMID-17158664; Full-Text Links: ASM, PMC
  • Froehlich et al., 2005.  The pCoo plasmid of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli is a mosaic cointegrate. J Bacteriol. 187(18), 6509-16. PMID-16159784; Full-Text Links: ASM, PMC

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