Molecular Weight and Equivalent Weight of Common Acids and Bases

Chemical nameFormulaNumber of dissociable H+/OH (valence) in solutionMolar mass (= weight weight) g/molEquivalent weight (g/eq)
Hydrochloric acid (Hydrogen chloride)HCl1 (H+)36.46 36.46
Nitric acidHNO31 (H+)63.0163.01
Acetic acidCH3COOH1 (H+)60.05260.052
Sulfuric acidH2SO42 (H+)98.07949.0395
Phosphoric acidH3PO43 (H+)97.99432.664
Sodium hydroxideNaOH1 (OH)39.99719.9985
Potassium hydroxideKOH1 (OH)56.105628.0528
Calcium hydroxideCa(OH)22 (OH)74.09337.0315

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