Preparation of 0.5 M Sodium Fluoride Solution


A 0.5 M (or 500 mM) stock solution (250x concentrated) of Sodium fluoride (NaF) can be prepared by dissolving it in water. This stock solution can be added to the cell lysis buffer to protect the dephosphorylation of phosphorylated proteins from phosphatases.


Reagents and solutions
Sodium fluoride (NaF, Mol Wt: 41.99) (e.g., Sigma-Aldrich, #S6776)
Deionized / Milli-Q water

Equipment and disposables
Falcon® screw cap graduated Conical Tubes, 50 mL (e.g., SARSTEDT, 62.547.254)
Tube Revolver Rotator (optional) (e.g., ThermoFisher Scientific, #88881001)

0.5 M (or 500 mM) Sodium fluoride in water

Preparation of 50 ml of 0.5M Sodium fluoride (NaF) solution in water

PROCEDURE: Preparation of 0.5 M Sodium Fluoride Solution

Use personal protective equipment (lab coat, gloves, goggles, etc) for your safety and follow the guidelines of your institute.

Step 1: Weigh out 1.05 g of sodium fluoride (NaF, Mol Wt: 41.99) and transfer it to a 50 mL screw cap graduated polypropylene tube. Add 40 ml Milli-Q water. Tighten the cap and dissolve Sodium fluoride by inverting the tube several times. This will take just a few minutes (5 – 10 min).

Sodium fluoride dissolves quickly in water. Generally inverting the tube a few times is sufficient to dissolve it.  You can also use the Tube Revolver Rotator.

Step 2: Adjust the volume to 50 ml with Milli-Q water. Mix by inverting the tube a few times.

Solution can be stored at 4°C in small aliquots.

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