Preparation of 10% (w/v) Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) Solution


A 10% (weight/volume) sodium hydroxide (NaOH) stock solution can be prepared by dissolving 10 g of NaOH pellet in deionized/distilled water to a final volume of 100 ml. The detailed procedure is described below.



Reagents and solutions
Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) pallet
Deionized/Double distilled water

Equipment and disposables
Measuring cylinder/volumetric flask
Erlenmeyer flask / Beaker
Glass rod/Magnetic stirrer
Ice bucket with ice (optional)
Weighing Balance

10% NaOH solution

Preparation of 100 ml of 10% (w/v) NaOH solution in water


Use personal protective equipment (lab coat, gloves, goggles, etc) for your safety and follow the guidelines of your institute.

Step 1: To prepare 100 ml of 10% NaOH solution, weigh out 10 g of NaOH (molecular weight: 40).

Don’t expose solid NaOH to air for a long time while weighing. NaOH is hygroscopic in nature and absorbs water from the atmosphere quickly.

Step 2: Dissolve NaOH pellets in 70 ml water by adding small quantities of NaOH in water.
◊ Take 70 ml of deionized/double distilled water in a beaker.
◊ Add a few pellets (2 – 2 pellets each time) of NaOH in water and wait until they dissolve completely. Repeat this until all 10 g NaOH pellets are dissolved in water.

1. The dissolution of NaOH is a highly exothermic reaction, which can even break the glass beakers. It is recommended to keep the beaker on ice while dissolving NaOH.
2. Never add 70 ml water to 10 g NaOH pellet.

Step 3: Adjust the solution volume to 100 ml with deionized/double distilled water.
◊ Transfer solution to a measuring cylinder/volumetric flask (capacity: 100 ml) and adjust the volume to 100 ml with deionized/double distilled water.

The solution can be stored at room temperature for several months.

There is no need to sterilize this solution by autoclaving. No microorganism will grow in a 10% (w/v) NaOH solution. 

Follow the table to prepare NaOH solution of specific concentration and volume 
Conc. / Volume50 ml100 ml250 ml500 ml1000 ml
0.5 g1 g2.5 g5 g10 g
1 g2 g5 g10 g20 g
2.5 g5 g12.5 g25 g50 g
5 g10 g25 g50 g100 g


Use calculator to calculate the quantities of NaOH for the preparation of NaOH solution of specific concentration and volume

Molecular weight of NaOH: 40

Volume of Sodium hydroxide solution: ml
(change the volume of the solution)

Molarity of Sodium hydroxide solution: %
(Change the molarity of the solution)

Amount of sodium hydroxide: 10 g

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