Suppliers: Kanamycin Sulfate

Note: Kanamycin sulfate can be purchased from the following suppliers. You must visit the supplier’s product page to order and to get more details about the product.

From Sigma-Aldrich
Specifications: Kanamycin sulfate mixture of Kanamycin A (main component) and Kanamycin B and C
Product page

From ThermoFisher SCIENTIFIC
Specifications: Gibco™ Kanamycin Sulfate
Product page

From VWR
Specifications: Kanamycin sulfate, white powder, Cell Culture Grade
Product page

From MerckMillipore
Specifications: Kanamycin Sulfate, Streptomyces kanamyceticus – CAS 25389-94-0 – Calbiochem
Product page

From Alfa Aesar
Specifications: Kanamycin monosulfate, Cell Culture Grade
Product page

Specifications: Kanamycin, 100 g, plastic≥750 I.U./mg, for biochemistry
Product page

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