TAE (Tris-Acetate-EDTA) Electrophoresis Buffer Calculator

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* EDTA is available in several forms including anhydrous and EDTA disodium dihydrate form. Both forms can be used for the preparation of a TAE buffer. A 0.5M EDTA stock solution can also be used for the preparation of a TAE buffer. Remember that EDTA form has an effect on heating of electrophoresis buffer during electrophoresis with EDTA stock solution (0.5 M EDTA solution) causing highest heating effect and least heating with anhydrous EDTA (most difficult to dissolve).
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To prepare 1000 ml of 1 x TAE buffer, weigh out

4.24 g Tris base (C4H11NO3, Molecular Weight: 121.14),

1. 142 ml Glacial acetic acid (CH3COOH, Molecular Weight: 60.05) and

0.29 g of Anhydrous EDTA

and dissolve them in deionized/distilled water to a final volume 1000 ml

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