Cell Line : B-CPAP

OrganismHuman (Homo sapiens)
Source/Tissue of origin
Thyroid carcinoma
MorphologySpindle- or round-shaped cells
Cell type 
Growth modeAdherent, monolayer
Doubling time
≈ 30 hours
Life spanInfinite, continuous culture
KaryotypeNear-diploid karyotype with hexaploid sideline (dsmz)
Drug resistance?
Biosafety Level1 (dsmz) (May differ in your country, follow the guidelines of your institute/country)
Gene Expression 
Related cell lines 

Cell line isolation information

The cell line B-CPAP was established from the tumor tissue of a 76- year-old woman with metastasizing papillary thyroid carcinoma in 1992.

Recommended propagation method

Culture medium: 90% RPMI + 10% FBS (heat-inactivated)
Culture conditions: Humidified incubator, 95% air + 5% CO2, 37°C.
Split ratio: 1:4 to 1:6
Split frequency: every 3-4 days
Harvesting time: Confluent culture (dsmz)
Split Method: Trypsin/EDTA

Recommended Cryopreservation Method

Freeze medium: 70% complete culture medium + 20% FBS (heat-inactivated) * + 10% DMSO
* FBS concentration can be increased upto 50%. 

Storage temperature: Liquid nitrogen vapor phase

Cell density: 3 x 106 cells/ampoule



  • Fabien et al., 1994. Description of a human papillary thyroid carcinoma cell line. Morphologic study and expression of tumoral markers. Cancer. 73(8), 2206-2212. PMID-8156527; Full-Text Link: onlinelibrary.wiley (Download PDF)

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