List of CDK2-Cyclin A Substrates

  • pRb (An upstream regulator of cyclin A)
  • E2F1 (Transcription factor)
  • B-Myb (Transcription factor)
  • Cdc6 (DNA replication)
  • HSSB (Also known as RPA) (DNA replication)
  • BRCA1 (DNA repair)
  • Ku70 (DNA repair)
  • HIRA (Histone modification)
  • hHR6A (also known as Rad6 or Ubc2) (Ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis)
  • Cdc20 (Ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis)
  • p53 (Cell-cycle checkpoints)
  • p21 (Cell-cycle checkpoint)
  • MDM2 (Cell-cycle checkpoint) 

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