• Primary brain tumor
  • Most common malignant pediatric brain tumor
  • Classified as Malignant grade IV tumor
  • Fast-growing tumor
  • Mostly occurs in children, but can also be found in adults
  • Spreads to other parts of CNS through mainly cerebrospinal fluids
  • Symptoms: Blurred and double vision, Confusion, Extreme sleepiness,  Headaches, Nausea, Seizures, Vomiting
  • Genetic changes: loss of chromosome 10 (Reardon et al., 1997)

Medulloblastomas are classified into 4 subtypes based on genomic analysis:

  • WNT-activated
  • SHH-activated
  • group 3 (non-WNT / non-SHH)
  • group 4 (non-WNT / non-SHH)


Reardon et al., 1997. Extensive genomic abnormalities in childhood medulloblastoma by comparative genomic hybridization. Cancer Res. 57(18), 4042-4047. PMID-9307291; Full-Text Link: aacrjournals

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