Molarity of Commercially Supplied Concentrated Acids and Bases

Acids / basesMolecular formulaMolecular weightStrength of Concentrated reagent as supplied commerciallySpecific gravity (g/ml) at 25 °CMolarity(mole/L)
Formic acidHCOOH46.0395 % (w/w)1.2225.179
Acetic acid (glacial)CH3COOH60.0599.6% (w/w)1.0517.4
Hydrochloric acidHCl36.4636 % (w/w)1.17611.61
Hydrochloric acidHCl36.4637 % (w/w)1.212.178
Nitric acidHNO363.0170 % (w/w)1.41315.698
Phosphoric acidH3PO498.0085 % (w/w)1.68514.615
Sulfuric acidH2SO498.0795 % (w/w)1.8417.822
Ammonium hydroxide(also known as aqueous solution of ammonia)NH4OH(NH3 + H2O)35.056.6% (w/w)  NH4OH*Or28% NH3 in water0.9014.8
Potassium HydroxideKOH56.1145.0% (w/w)1.45611.677
Sodium HydroxideNaOH40.050.0% (w/w)1.51518.938

* 56.6% Ammonium hydroxide solution contains 28% (w/w) ammonia (NH3). Ammonia is a gas that dissolves readily in water. In aqueous solution, it is present as Ammonium hydroxide.

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