Preparation of 1 M Glucose Stock Solution


Glucose is a carbohydrate and is utilized by cells as instant energy and carbon source. In addition, it is also added in solution to maintain the osmolarity of the solution. A 1M glucose stock solution can be prepared by dissolving 18 g of Glucose in distilled/deionized water to a final volume of 100 ml. Working glucose solution is prepared by diluting this stock solution. 

Since glucose is susceptible to degradation at high temperatures (Woo et al., 2015), the glucose solution is sterilized by filtering through a filter unit containing a membrane with pore size 0.22 µm or less under sterile conditions. 


Reagents and solutions
Glucose (C6H12O6; Mol. Wt.: 180.16)
Deionized or Milli-Q water

Equipment and disposables
Measuring cylinder
Conical flask / Beaker
Magnetic stirrer (optional)
Sterile filter unit (e.g., Syringe filter)
Laminar flow hood

1M Glucose

Preparation of 100 ml of 1M Glucose stock solution


Step 1: To prepare 100 ml of 1M Glucose solution, weigh out 18 g Glucose in a 250 conical flask/beaker. Add 80 ml deionized/Milli-Q water. Stir until all glucose is completely dissolved.

Note: Glucose is highly soluble in water. It will dissolve quickly.

Step 2: Adjust the volume to 100 ml with deionized/Milli-Q water. Mix it again.

Step 3: Sterilize the solution by filtering it through a 0.20 µm membrane filter unit.

Do not autoclave glucose solution as autoclaving can cause degradation of glucose.

Store the solution in the cold room.

Woo et al., 2015. Characteristics of the Thermal Degradation of Glucose and Maltose Solutions. Prev Nutr Food Sci. 20(2), 102-9. PMID-26175997; Full-Text Link: PMC

Follow the table to prepare glucose solution of various concentrations and volumes
Solution concentration / Volume10 ml50 ml100 ml250 ml
0.5 M Glucose solution0.9 g4.5 g9 g22.5 g 
1M Glucose solution1.8 g9 g18 g45 g

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