Preparation of 5M Sodium Chloride (NaCl)


  • NaCl is highly soluble in water. Its aqueous solution is clear and colorless.
  • A 5M NaCl solution is easy to prepare.
  • One liter of 5M NaCl solution can be prepared by dissolving 292 grams of NaCl powder in water.
  • 5M NaCl solution is stable at room temperature and can be sterilized by autoclaving.


♦ Sodium chloride (NaCl)

♦ Deionized / Milli-Q water

Equipment and disposables
♦ Measuring cylinder/volumetric flask

♦ Conical flask / Beaker
♦ Magnetic stirrer

Composition: 5 M Sodium chloride (NaCl)

Objective: Preparation of 1000 ml of 5 M Sodium chloride solution in water from NaCl powder.


Step 1: Weigh out 292.2 g of Sodium chloride in an appropriate size beaker or conical flask ( 2 L volume). Add 800 ml deionized water.

Do not add 1000 ml of deionized/Milli-Q water. In most cases, solution volume increases when a large amount of solute is dissolved in a solvent.

Step 2: Dissolve NaCl using a magnetic stirrer or manual shaking with a glass stirring rod.

You can heat the solution to 60°C to accelerate the dissolution process.

Step 3: Transfer solution to measuring cylinder or a volumetric flask and adjust the volume 1000 ml with deionized water. Mix it again.

Step 4:  Transfer the solution to an autoclavable bottle and sterilize it by autoclaving (20 minutes at 15 lb/ (psi) from 121-124°C on liquid cycle)

Store the solution at room temperature.

NaCl may precipitate with time. Dissolve it by shaking the bottle vigorously. 

Don’t store the solution at 4°C.

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