Setting up Agarose Gel Electrophoresis in Lab

It is easy to set up the facility in a corner of the lab. A small lab bench that can accommodate gel apparatus, gel casting tray, electrophoresis buffer, and electric power supply apparatus is sufficient to start the agarose gel electrophoresis. For gel analysis and capturing of gel images, a gel documentation system is required. A rack in a fridge and freezer is required to store samples such as isolated DNA/RNA samples, PCR reactions, restriction enzymes/DNA modifying enzymes, etc. A fume hood is required if you are casting denaturing gels for RNA analysis.

List of equipment

  • Power supply apparatus for Electrophoresis
  • Gel casting tray/comb
  • Electrophoresis apparatus
  • Fume hood (for denaturing gel)
  • Microwave/hot place (to melt agarose in electrophoresis buffer)
  • Specialized waste bin (for discarding ethidium bromide/GelRed agarose gel) *
  • A rack in fridge and freezer to store DNA/RNA samples, gel loading dyes, etc

List of reagents/solutions/disposables

  • Agarose
  • DNA/RNA staining dye (e.g., GelRed)
  • 1x electrophoresis buffer/10 x electrophoresis buffer
  • Conical flask/bottle
  • Measuring cylinder

* Read carefully MSDS and follow the guidelines of your institution to handle and to discard ethidium bromide/GelRed-containing waste.

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