T-225 Flasks for Cell Culture

T-225 flasks are available from different suppliers in both ventilated and non-ventilated formats. They are useful when you need a large number of cells.

Available area for cell growth225 cm2NA
Volume of trypsin (or dissociating agent)10 ml
7 – 18 ml
Volume of culture medium45 ml40 – 60 ml
Cell number at the time of seeding *4.5 x 106 cells Ɨ3.6 – 7.5 x 106 cells
Cell number at 100% confluency *26 x 106 cells 26 – 29 x 106 cells # 
* for the HeLa cell line
Ɨ Correspond to seeding density 2 x 104 cells/cm2 (Ref)
# Overconfluent culture after this stage

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