Cell Line : A-10

OrganismRat (Rattus norvegicus), Strain DB1X
Source/TissueEmbryo, Thoracic aorta, Medial and intimal layers
Cell typeExhibit many properties characteristic of smooth muscle cells
Growth modeAdherent growing in monolayers
Doubling timeApproximately 29 hours
Life span?
KaryotypeRat karyotype
Drug resistance?
Biosafety Level1 REF
Gene Expression?
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Cell line isolation information

The cell line A10 was established from the thoracic aorta of DBIX embryonic rat in 1976.

Recommended propagation method

Culture medium: DMEM + 10%  FCS
Culture conditions: Humidified incubator with 5% CO2 at 37°C
Split ratio: 1:3 to 1:6
Split frequency: Once or twice a week
Harvesting time: Subconfluent culture (90% confluent)
Split Method: Trypsin/EDTA

Recommended Cryopreservation Method

Freeze medium: 70% culture medium + 20% FBS + 10% DMSO
Storage temperature: Liquid nitrogen vapor phase
Cell density: 0.5-1 x 106 cells/ml, 1ml/ampoule

> American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) : Catalog No. : CRL-1620TM 
> Public Health England Culture Collections: Catalogue No.: 88062428
>Common Access to Biological Resources and Information (CABRI): Catalog No. : ICLC HTL97013
> Japanese Collection of Research Bioresources (JCRB): Catalog No.: JCRB0228 
> Sigma-Aldrich: Catalog No.: 88062428


> American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)

> Common Access to Biological Resources and Information (CABRI) 

> Japanese Collection of Research Bioresources (JCRB)

> Kimes & Brandt 1976. Characterization of two putative smooth muscle cell lines from rat thoracic aorta. Exp Cell Res. 98(2), 349-366. PMID-943301 | Full Text – Sciencedirect

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