Cell Line: Saos-2

OrganismHuman (Homo sapiens), 11 years old white female (Ref: ATCC)
Source/Tissue of originBone (Ref: ATCC, culturecollections)
Year of isolation1973 (Ref: Cabri-ACC 243)
MorphologyEpithelial (Ref: ATCC)
Cell typeEpithelial-like (Ref: culturecollections)
Growth modeAdherent (atcc, culturecollections)
Doubling time37 h (Rodan et al., 1987)
Life spanInfinite, continuous culture
KaryotypeHypotriploid with 56 modal chromosome number (Ref: ATCC)
TransformedForm colonies in semisolid medium (Ref: ATCC)
TumorigenicNo, not tumorigenic in immunosuppressed mice (Rodan et al., 1987)
Drug resistance?
Gene Expression
Positive forTGFβ (type 1 and type 2) (Ref: ATCC)
Parathyroid hormone receptor (Rodan et al., 1987)
1,25(OH)2D3 receptors (Rodan et al., 1987)
Osteonectin (Rodan et al., 1987)
Altered geneExpress truncated form of pRB (inactive form, cytoplasmic) (Hinds et al., 1992)
Do not express p53 (Marcellus et al., 1996)
EnzymesPositive for alkaline phosphatase (Rodan et al., 1987)
Applications3D cell culture (Ref: ATCC)
Suitable as a transfection host (Ref: ATCC)
KeywordsHuman primary osteogenic sarcoma
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Culture maintenance
Biosafety LevelBSL 1 (Ref: ATCC) (It may differ in your country, follow the guidelines of your institute/country)
Culture medium*1. McCoy’s 5a + 2mM L-Glutamine + 15% FBS
2. DMEM + 2mM L-Glutamine + 10% FBS
Culture conditionsHumidified incubator, 95% air + 5% CO2, 37°C
Subculturing procedureTrypsin-EDTA
Culture storage
Cryo-mediumComplete growth medium + 5% (v/v) (Ref: ATCC)
Storage conditionsVapor phase of liquid nitrogen (Ref: ATCC)

* Several culture media can be used to maintain this cell line in culture. Use the culture medium recommended by the suppliers/source from where you have received this cell line.

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