List of Cell Cycle Regulators Knockout Mice

  • Cyclin D1-/-: Viable, Reduced body size, Neurological abnormalities, Hypoplastic retinas
  • Cyclin D2-/-: Viable, defects in B-cell proliferation, pancreatic beta cell proliferation, cerebellar development, and adult neurogenesis 
  • Cyclin D3-/-: Viable, defects in T-cell proliferation  
  • Cyclin D1-/-, D2-/- double knockout: Viable, reduced body size, Hypoplastic cerebella  
  • Cyclin D1-/-, D3-/- double knockout: Die immediately after birth due to neurological defects
  • Cyclin D2-/-, D3-/- double knockout: Die around E17.5 due to severe megaloblastic anemia
  • Cyclin D2-/-, D2-/-, D3-/- triple knockout: Die around E16.5
  • Cyclin E1-/-: Viable, Develop normally
  • Cyclin E2-/-: Viable, Develop normally
  • Cyclin E1-/-, E2-/-: Embryonic lethal, die at E11.5, Defects in placenta, Impairments in endoreduplication of megakaryocytes. Embryo reached birth when placental defects were rescued. Embryonic fibroblasts proliferate normally, but display defects in cell cycle reentry from quiescence.  
  • Cyclin A1-/-: Viable, Develop normally
  • Cyclin A2-/-: Early embryonic lethal, Die at E5.5. No impairment until the preimplantation blastocyte is seen but dies immediately after implantation

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