Element: Chlorine (Cl)

Element (atom) NameChlorine
Physical state at room temperatureGas
Element ClassificationNon-metal
Group NameHalogen
Group number (Periodic table)17
Period Number (Periodic table) 3
Atomic number17
Atomic Weight35.45 (Ref: lanl-17, Pubchem-Chlorine)
35.453 Ref: Ciaaw-chlorine, science.co.il)
35.4527 (Ref: jlab-ele017)
[35.446, 35.457] (Ref: Ciaaw-chlorine, nist-element 17 )
Atomic Radius 
Density0.003214 g/cm3 (Ref: jlab-ele017)
Melting point-101.5°C (Ref: jlab-ele017)
Boiling point-34.04°C (Ref: jlab-ele017)
Electron configuration1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p5 (Ref: jlab-ele017)
Oxidation States+7, +5, +1, -1 (Ref: jlab-ele017)
Ionization Energy12.968 eV (Ref: jlab-ele017)
12.967633 eV (Ref: nist-element 17)
Number of Stable Isotopes2 (Ref: jlab-ele017)


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